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Why Building Your Brand is Essential for Your Business


Its like how can you forget it... Right!? 


Hey loves, So on today's blog I thought I would talk about why building your brand and promoting it is so essential to your business. 

So let's get into it. When you see my business name, it stands out, for some people because they think it sounds like bitches, for others because it is different. Either way, you remember the name am I right? 


When it comes to your business, your name, your brand, your company, whatever it is you need to make sure you stand out and you are different. Thats with life too. Be you, the most genuine version of you at all times. 


So, Getting people to remember your name. Be unique, and make it something off topic. Let it be something that gets people wondering what exactly it is that your business is, that way they are intrigued with clicking on your social media handles, websites, and wanting to visit your business. 

Honesty, and professionalism. I can't stress enough how much of a difference it makes, especially when your just starting. If you decide to start doing ads, and creating promotions and giving out coupon codes or deals, then stick to it. There is nothing worse than an ad saying free pair of earrings with every purchase and when you get up to the counter it says "oh the fine print says you have to spend $100. " If you are going to offer something then keep it simple and truthful, don't trick people into buying things or making them feel pressured. Let them feel at east when they are with your business so that way they know they can spend their hard earned money on you and then they will want to. Being professional means handling your business. There will be times every single day that you feel like "no the customer is not always right" which I can agree with that. The customers are not always right, and the people that think the customers are always right are either not working on the floor to deal with them, or they are the customer. Working at my families business since I was 16 I have seen so many people that don't have common sense and they do or say things then try to blame it on the workers. As many times as I wanted to sit and argue with people its pointless. So when you feel like they are wrong and you know they are wrong for something, then just apologize, give them their money back, and ask them to not come back. People that sit and argue with people at businesses have nothing better to do. So, with that being said, dont try and fight every person that gets you mad. 

FREE advertisement.  Who doesn't like free stuff right? One way you can get free advertising is word of mouth (referrals) and social media. Everyday post, promote, and write something. It doesn't cost a thing and people will see how invested you are into your company.


Business Cards & Flyers. Now with these they can get kind of pricey. But I say that for business cards you can't put a price on them.   Vista Print is a good site where my fiance and I get his business cards. -Rodrigo Perez Gardening if you need a gardener, just throwing that out there. But anywho, like I was saying, hand out them cards like no other. Get your business out there, let people know you are here and let them know they need you. Flyers, can be hung around town from Starbucks on Main st. to Bill's Take-Out in Santa Maria. Ask other business owners if you can hang stuff up and leave your trail wherever you go! Especially when your out of town on vacation. (work never stops eh) 

Check the Numbers. Keep track of what promotions you spend and where it is going and how well it is working. Don't just keep promoting at Starbucks if nobody is responding to it. Things like putting coupon codes on the flyer with code name (mainstSB) use at checkout, and see where  they are getting the promotions from. If places are not working switch it up. But don't keep using your money on all advertising.  

Hi I Am Beatriz Gonzales Owner of Beyachees a small upcoming women's clothing store located on the central coast of California. I offer free advice on business matters, outfit inpos, vlogs, and blogs, on my journey to getting my business started. I hope that you tag along, and watch me grow, and grow with me as a customer. I believe in women empowerment, we all have a purpose on this planet we just need to find it. My business will be in the long run a mobile boutique where I do pop ups and home parties. I plan on spending my time on educating the younger generation on the many business ventures that they can do and encourage them to pick my brain with any type of knowledge that I can share with them. Public speaking, promoting myself, giving a lecture, giving a pitch, blogging, sharing myself with you. DON'T BE AFRAID.  Say Hi to the waitress,nail tech, gas attendant, gardner give em your card, chances are she doesn't know about your business and has been looking for someone like you. Believe in your business the second you start slacking and start second guessing yourself is when you sink. like dory says "just keep swimming" (mind you I dont even know how to swim but, yall best believe  im still swimming up in these california oceans)

There are businesses out there that so many of us haven't even heard of, now days the internet can make it easier.However, if you are a business owner and you dont keep up to date on google search or yelp or any of  that then when people search you they can't find you. 

Before we go, open a new tab for me..

in google search bar just put Beyachees. 

What comes up? everything that there is needed to know about my business. My business isn't even up and running,  I am just trying to put my name out there because I dont want people to be confused as to where the hell I came up with the idea to start my business. I want you all to get to know me and my business. I want you to trust me with my styles. 

"In order to be different you must be irreplaceable.-CCC"

This saying is the most truest one out there. If you want to open a business, if you want to be a youtuber, if you want to be a blogger, if you want to open a pizza shop, if you want to own your own salon, if you want to sell cars, if you want to be a gardener, if you want to be a stylist, if you want to build cabinets, you have to show people why they should invest in your business.Dedication and time is everything, if you really want something you will get it done. With that being said I hope you all enjoyed this blog. I hope I gave you guys some helpful insights and until we read together again.. 


"Be Stylish, Be Kind, Be Generous, Be You"
XO Beyachees XO 

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