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Where did my Sunglasses go?!

Hey Loves, 

    Welcome back! So I thought I would talk about how the shop is going and talk a little about myself, because most of you don't really know me, know me, ya know?

I have gotten multiple people asking me why I just dont go and buy shoes and clothes and accessories and sell already. I know that I do not owe anyone anything, but I thought I'd share some of my thoughts so I am not the topic of your brunch anymore. (wheres my sunglasses?)

I am a mom of 2 boys, they are about to be 5 and 8. I am engaged to their dad ( yes they have the same dad) I have been with him for almost 9 years. When 2017 finished I promised myself that  I would get my life poppin already. I am always the one that worries about things, yes I am a worrywart.  If I see a cop, Im like nobody breathe lower the music(the musics not even on). In school, I would never ditch(until highschool with my moms permission lol), I am proud to say that I have never stole something from anyone. You could leave a million dollars of cash in my car, I would probably just organize it for you then remind you that you left it. Point being I am always the one concerned about others and their well being, I would never put myself or what I want to do first. This year I am changing that,I am going to do what I love and empower you all to empower one another, and to stop all of the bullying in our world.Even if all I do is effect 1 girl then I have accomplished something.

When I start selling clothes and running my business, I want to make sure that I have all of my (i)s dotted and (t)s crossed. There is a million things that I have to buy to run it efficiently. There are those entrepreneurs that are like  YOLO, thug life, just buy the shit and sell. However, I am a mom of 2 I have things to worry about, like if they have food to eat or clean clothes, and a roof over their head. If I did not have my kids and I was single, believe me you I would be poppin bottles on my private jet on my way back from new york buying clothes there and bringing them back to Santa and getting you all dolled up. 

Life does not always happen the way you plan, so that is why early on I learned to stop thinking my list will be in order. I still make my list, but it just doesn't always get done in that order, because that is LIFE.

  • Clothing Racks
  • Hangers
  • Jewelry displays
  • Camera/video camera
  • lights
  • Computer
  • Shopping bags
  • Storage for it all
  • inventory ( for a box of one item ranges from 200 and up) 
  • Mannequins
  • tent for pop ups
  • tables
  • table clothes
  • paperwork

These are just SOME of the things that I need, but my families needs come before mine. My Fiance and I have been living on our own since I turned 18. We have rent to pay, bills to pay, car payments and take care of our kids. I am the type of person that doesn't like to rely on people. I did not want to live at my moms house forever with my son. My opinion on living at home and not paying rent or helping them pay for bills is a whole different story. Whether I would have been born with a gold spoon in my mouth or not. Despite what people think, my family is not rich. They may have a business, but that is THEIR business. Their business is for them to live a comfortable life. 

So for 2018 I announced that I will be opening my shop. So fast forward to today, I am slowly but surely getting all of the things I need to run my business successfully. I want to provide you with quality items that don't break your budget. I want to provide you with high quality photos that will really show off the products you will buy. 

I want to have a relationship with you all, and I want you to trust me with your hard earned money. I don't want to just come out say here buy these cute ass pair of jeans from me. I have big plans for Beyachees and I cannot wait for what my future holds with you all. 

I will have my own pop-ups at the rodeo, and the fair, and car shows, and farmers markets and hair salons. I will do private at home parties for you and your girls to get together and get your drink on and shop comfortably. 

My ultimate plan for beyachees is for it to be mobile. So I can drive to you with all of my gorgeous inventory. All of this takes time, so please be patient, enjoy my blogs, my family vlogs, and get ready to be the most fashionable girl out there. 


"Be Stylish, Be Kind, Be Generous, Be You"




  • Made me cry! So proud of you herman! Love you❤️🙌🏼👸🏼Xo!

    The best sister ever!
  • Slowly, but surely! ❤️ So excited for you! I’m more than glad to help if you need anything! Xoxo.


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