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The Foundation

Hey loves! 

        So I thought I would talk about what I want the core of my business to be and how I plan on running it. For me, I like to shop with people and businesses that have a meaning and are here in this world to give a purpose. So for myself the purpose of Beyachees will be just that. I want to be able to grow a business that will give meaning and purpose to our society. I want to be able to give back to the central coast and help those that are less fortunate than me. I want to be able to share my life experiences with the kids that are in elementary, jr high and high school. I want to show them how I began my business and how they can choose the career that is right for them. 

       When I was in school I did not have anybody tell me all the different opportunities that I could do or have. The only place where I felt like I had a purpose and where I felt like I could sit at and think of all I wanted to do with my future was in my high school teachers sewing class. All through high school that is where I spent my time whether it was at break or lunch and even after school sometimes. I was never the one that you would see hanging out with people and socializing. I am the most horrible person at socializing because I am very quiet around people I do not know. For the past 10 years I have been working on that though and I feel like I am getting better at it. I want girls to be able to come up to me and ask me questions about my business and give them guidance and share my knowledge.  I may not know it all but whatever I can pass on to other people and whatever they can use towards their life even if its one little tid bit then that is fine with me. 

        There are too many people in this world that have the mentality that if they share their business ideas or how they got where they are as a bad thing. They either want to charge people money for advice to give out some plan or not share anything at all. That to me is where the world is failing at, people just see everything as "mine" and "give it to me" or "how can I make money off of this". We as women should be able to talk about our life goals and plans with one another and use these as topics of conversations instead of bashing each other because you have hatred in your heart towards people. We as women need to stop judging each other and instead lift each other up. There are over 300 million people that live in the United States that is plenty of enough room for everyone to succeed in this world. Stop seeing each other as competition. Life is not a race and it's not about who's doing better at what.  We can evolve as a society and grow as humans, and what better place to start then with women. You have to have the ganas to be better and believe me you can be better.We can all improve at something in life whether its holding the door open for someone, not driving in a hurry everyday, or forgetting to tell our parents we love them.Cherish your life and your loved ones, smile more at people, say hi, and be the best you can be of yourself. Xo 


"Be stylish, Be kind, Be Generous"
"Be you"

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