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I Want To Open A Business, Where do I Start?

Hey Loves, so for me, I have done so much research and have spent hours looking up questions I had on how to start my business. For the most part, people would point me in the right direction, but they would never actually give me that step by step thing. I personally don't like when businesses say, "figure it out yourself like I did" or " I put all my time in looking for resources and making calls you do it yourself". Like for me, if I have information that can be useful or helpful for you guys, then I do not mind sharing it. I would be a selfish women if I kept all of my knowledge to myself. If there is anything you should keep in mind its


"Sharing your knowledge will not make you lesser of a person, its OK to help people and its OK to help other people succeed."


Like I said in my previous post, the world is just going to keep growing so never think that there can only be ONE of something. YOU have to figure out what makes you different from people. and never, never, never, imitate people or do the same things as them. I think you can grow off of someones idea, but do not do the same thing that another business is doing that is in the same area as you. It makes you look bad and makes people question you and your originallity. 


So here is a simple list of the order on how you should get things done. 

  • What do you want your business in? If its a ice cream shop do you just want to serve ice cream or do you want to serve pastries and drinks too?Figure out your foundation.
  • What do you want to call your business, from the start of planning your business think of different names and write them down, say them outloud, put the name on a vision board and see if you really love that name.
  • After you have these things going, go to your Cities Business office, in my town it is  110 S. Pine Street, Suite 101, Santa Maria, CA 93458.
  • Online has the application so print it out at home or look it over and see what you need so you can be prepared to go in there and ask them questions.The people there are super nice and as long as you are prepared they will point you in the right direction.(it really does depend on your city)
  • If you are looking to open a boutique, after you file for your business name and get all of that in order, then I would go online and file for a TAX EIN number, its free and it is self explanatory to fill out.
  • Keep in mind that even if you do not sell within one year(that's usually the deadline) you will still have to file for taxes and just make your appointment and take all of your papers with you and tell them you were just starting and have not  sold anything yet.
  • After I would get a sellers permit that is like $150 the last time I checked. For most wholesalers they do require that you have at least an Tax EIN number, others will require that you have all 3. That being Business License, Tax EIN, and sellers permit. 
  • After you get all of the paper going and completed that is when you can start your business. 

Please keep in mind, everyone does their businesses different. My biggest advice that I could give is to 1. SAVE ALL of your RECEIPTS, and keep them organized, so that way when it's  tax time you have everything there and in order. The 2nd thing I want to leave with you guys, is that do your research, get some ideas on where you want to get products from. For me clothing stores, see where you want to buy clothing racks, mannequins, shopping bags, tables, and hangers. It would make it easier so your not bombarded on things you haven't thought about. If you still have questions do not hesitate to e-mail me and ask. 

"Be Stylish, Be Kind, Be Generous, Be You"
Xo Beyachees Xo

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