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How to Look Like a Cowgirl & trade in your Vuittons for some Ariats

Living on the beautiful central coast of California I have the privilege of getting to mix and match my styles throughout the whole year. Our weather here for the most part is sunny and warm. However, there are times when it is "summer" and windy at night and I get to throw on my ugg boots or warm sweater. It is a real pleasure to get to switch up my wardrobe all year long. However, there is one time a year that no matter the occasion for that week I throw on my cowgirl boots and get into the spirit of the Santa Maria Elks Rodeo. 


Some history on our rodeo is that this year is the 75th year for the "denim and diamonds Style". There is so much to do for the whole family. and know that when Beyachees gets up and running, you will catch me their in my pop up or mobile boutique selling all your rodeo necessities and my other fab finds. 

From Thursday to Sunday there are all kinds of events going on. I will leave a link and you can catch up on some SM style fun. 


Now, lets stomp on into this blog. 

First and foremost I feel like some of us ladies are afraid to look for others for inspo. If you do not have a fashion brain but are trying to keep up with the trends then dont be afraid to look up to others. 


Never be afraid to Pinterest or look up Hashtags for outfit inspos. I feel like if your going to a rodeo then you should put on a pair of jeans and warm jacket. (call me a granny) but you won't catch me out there in booty shorts and tank top. I go to enjoy it and look cute at the same time. Don't get me wrong, if I was there chillin in the day a cute pair of jean shorts and flowy top would be all me. 


The point of fashion is to style it your own way. Find what works for your body, you should know your body inside out. That is why it is important to drink a gallon of water a day and do some yoga and meditate. Once your comfortable in your skin, then you can shop online, shop in stores, and will not be afraid to try new things. 


So with that being said, the MOST popular jeans that every cowgirl wears, not just for the rodeo but on a day to day basis to look cute and legit are the MISS ME jeans. I personally have done some looking for me, and they are not my style. However, there are some that I think can look good on me. 

This pair is listed as retail price of 74$. To me, If I had the money I would buy them, simply because investing in a few good pair of jeans is worth it for your closet. 



They are cute and simple and bootcut! so you can wear your boots and get that vibe going. 

Now my boots are 

They are super cute and comfy.However there are other ones that you can get. whether its from Boot Barn, Car Boots, Farm Supply, or even a pair from fashion maxx, or macy's, or Jcpenney. There are numerous ways to dress and style yourself and it still be affordable. I am the biggest couponer and money saver out there. If I know that I need tealight candles and I am at Michaels, I will not buy them just because I am there I will wait to go to the dollar store and get them there instead. 


OK so next is a top, the typical top most girls wear is a flannel. 

And there are so many cute flannels out there, and most of us have at least 1 in our closet. my favorite flannels are from Old Navy and Forever 21.


However a cute flowy top like 


is also comfy and affordable. 


Remember. Don't forget to step out of your comfort zone. Make some good out of your wardrobe. 

tag me in your rodeo outfits! and dont hesitate to DM or Email me with fashion questions loves! 


Have fun and be safe!


"Be Stylish, Be Kind, Be Generous, Be YOU"

XO Beyachees XO


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