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How To Embrace What your Mama Gave Ya

Hey girls!

I'm back and returning with some embracing what your mama gave you advice. I have been MIA for the past week, due to me house cleaning our new little home. Nevertheless I am here and decided to do today's blog on this subject. 


In today's society there are always people even you and me sometimes, that like to give our opinion where it is not needed. Some of us are a little outspoken more than others and some us like to just keep  our thoughts to ourselves. 


We live in a world where we are constantly judging each other and critiquing each other on how we look. In a room full of women I guarantee that each and every one of us look at each other and say things like "she gots a big ol head", "her tits are too small or too big" "her ass is grosley large, or her ass is flat". "she has big ears", "her smile is weird", "She only keeps to herself and shes stuck up" "she only is social with the guys shes a whorebag". I can go on with the mean things that I have encountered with what people say about other women. 


I myself have been a bully before, when I was in Jr High I literally would walk past a girl and purposely nuge her with my arm and she would practically fly.(my bullying story will be a whole different blog)


Point being, we need to be better as a society. Each and everyone of us were made a certain because not only is that the way god created us but that's what our momma gave us. (OK you too dad) Be happy that you're alive, be happy that god chose to put you on this planet, and be grateful, because life can be taken from us in an instant. 


When my store opens, I want to make sure that yall can feel comfortable and not pressured. I want to make sure that you guys can ask me what looks good on your or what fits your body and not feel like I am judging you. There has been times when I walked into a store here locally on the central coast ( that store is closed down now) but I walked in and one of the first things the girl told me was (we dont do returns so are you sure that fits you). I was like this bitch wants me to knock her out right now. This is when I was just starting my journey of changing my mindset and becoming a child of god. (This story to is a whole different blog or maybe Ill even do a vlog on it too so you can see my real expressions LOL)


Anywho, back on track I dont want you to feel like you can't return something because you do not feel comfortable in it. I want you to shop with me and KNOW that I will be there to tell you if something should not be worn or if you can wear it different. As long as you feel comfortable in your own body then that is all that matters.


After I had my first son I worked out and ate right and got super skinny like 125. I went to the doctor and they were like your levels are all fucked up. Then, after I had my second son I just ate right, ate what I wanted, but just watched what I ate, I walked everyday for 30 minutes. Or did yoga or at home workouts. Now I am around 160ish lol, and my doctor is like gurllll your body is on point. Your levels for like glucose and sugars and everything is on point, (mind you I still got me some fat ass thighs and lil baby pansa.) So, point being, I may look like a chunky monkey to some of you, but I feel so much better these days then I have ever before. 


I have learned to embrace my body, and not force anything on it. There are things that I have done every morning and every night and this is pray. Pray that god guides me in the right direction to embrace who I am and stop comparing myself. Here are a few other things you can do.

  • When you go shopping try on anything and everything, dont think that just because your too skinny or a little chunky that it won't look good on you because chances are it will, just try it.
  • Stop trying to photoshop all of  your pictures. Love your body, and if you do not like something then change it. 
  • Look yourself in the mirror every morning and tell yourself something that you do love about yourself and accentuate that when you dress yourself. 
  • Drink lots of water, and compliment other women.
  • When you feel like critiquing someone as you sit in a room with them, instead think about something you love about them.

If you need help, don't hesitate to email, DM, call, Text, or even ask me when you see me in person. Let's stop this whole body shaming other women and posting things like I got a fat ass and you have small tits or vise versa. Let's teach our young generation of women that bullying and degrading each other is not a THING. 

There will be days when you feel like your not good enough, these are the days you take extra time for yourself and remind yourself what your worth is. 

Some theme songs to boost up your mood when you look at yourself every morning 

Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun 

The Shirelles - Mamma Said

Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys


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XO beautifuls 

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