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If You Don't Know...Now You Know.

26 Facts you Didn't Know About me. 

So In honor of my 26th Birthday 2 weeks ago, I thought I would do 26 facts about myself so that you can all really know me. Kinda, sorta, in a way. 


1.My Name is Beatriz Ninfa Gonzales---> Beatriz is after my moms mom. and Ninfa is my moms name. and Gonzales well, thats my dads last name haha.

2.My nickname is Butter, it used to be butterball...but now its just butter. IDK who came up with it but apparently I looked like a butterball turkey when I was little. ( I know my family is super nice)

3. My nina use to call me buttercup and my teachers used to call me Be An Actress.----> Like I know how to act or something

4. I always wanted my 2nd grade teacher Mrs.Lopez to adopt me, I was in the faze of watching Matilda and I swear to you she was Mrs. Honey's twin, I went to Joe Nightingale and she was the best teacher ever.

5.I went to Arrellanos Jr High for about 2 weeks( I cried everyday in the bathroom stall because girls were mean to me and nobody wanted to be my friend) ---->my mom convinced the school board to let me go back to my Orcutt school at Lakeview since I was friends with everyone there.

6. I hated High School, and only liked 5 classes my whole 4 years there. 


I dont want to renumber but in this time I went I had the privilege of going to New York in the summer of 2009, my friend vanessa and her mom invited me to go and my mom let me go for 10 days. It was the most rewarding, amazing, life fulfilling time I have ever had. 

7. I met my Fiance in high school, he climbed the fence (with a cast on his arm) to come and see me. (that was the first time I have ever gotten in trouble and went to the principles office. Now I look back and laugh at it because it took me a boy in my senior year to get in trouble haha. 

8. I discovered my true love for fashion in Mrs. Foleys class---> I swore I was leaving Santa Maria and moving to New York to go to FIDM there. and open my own women's store in New York. ( Oh the things that love and boys can do to you )

9. I got pregnant my senior year( yes we moved fast). I graduated 6 months before my senior class mates and was able to graduate on stage with them. 

10. I had my first boy 1 month before I graduated. ( I went to senor prom 4 weeks after giving birth)  ( a girl called me a fat ass, I won't name names) 

11.I got my first tattoo when I turned 18. It is of my sons name Anthony. 

12. I moved out of my moms when I turned 18.(with my boyfriend, I tell ya love makes you do crazy things.)

13. I went to college the summer I graduated high school and took one class every semester since then.( I am finally going to graduate this year I hope) *Business Management 

14. My Boyfriend and I moved into our 2nd home and had our second son together ( they are 3 years and 4 days apart, we had good timing I know )

15. I got engaged after 8 years and we aren't planning on having our wedding until 2019 ( that will be our 10 year anniversary) 

16. I am starting a women's clothing store I am aiming for the end of this  year, but its harder than you all think. ( I don't want to be one of those stores that just sell you shit and throw it in the mail box with free shipping boxes from the post office and don't even have the decency to write you a note or send a invoice or steam clean your outfit).

17. I am a total romance girl ( I believe in love at first sight, I believe in following your heart for your one true love, I love flowers, I love love movies, I love love.)

18. I hate people that imitate others or try to be something they are not

19. I am not to fond of chocolate candy. 

20. I really want a daughter( I pray for her every night)

21. I want to adopt one of my kids

22. I am a day dreamer, and night thinker, ( at night is when I think about how I am going to make it happen)

23. I love to dance and I have always wanted to try karaoke 

24. I want to travel the world but I cant because I get mad carsick(fact--> I have tried all meds to make me calm and have tried drinking before I go on the road, smoking, tequila shots, gasoline, sleeping, distractions, nothing works so if you have a solution comment down below) 

25. I get distracted easily 

26. Something I learned about myself this year was that I truly am happier when I am around the people I love. I learned to let go of my fears, smile more, talk more, express myself more, and I just truly love my life more. I am a mom to 2 boys, I am a fiance, daughter, sister, tia and I hold so many more titles. I am just blessed to be living the life that I have and I cannot wait to start the journey that god has planned for me for the next 4 years. 


In the next 4 years I want my business to be running successfully, married, in the process of buying a house and hopefully aiming for my baby girl. 


What are some things that you would like to share with me? Hopes, Dreams, Life Goals, Life Plans, dislikes, petpeeves, what you enjoy, anything at all? Feel free to share them with me in the comments below or shoot me a email. Sometimes we hold ourselves more accountable when we share what we want done. 


"Be Stylish, Be Kind, Be Generous, Be you"



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  • Get it Butter!!!! 🙌🏼 Reading what you have going already is inspirational and I can’t wait to see what else you bring to the table in the future! Just know you have my support & love!🤗


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