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Easter Outfit Inspos

Hey babes!

      Lets roll right into the blog with me saying that I will not be getting TOO into details about what easter sunday means, because there are some of us that believe in easter and some of us that don't, and some of us that don't believe in anything. 

     For me though, I am catholic, I have always went to church every sunday and I was baptized and had my confirmation and all that jazz. Getting older, I have learned multiple meanings of what Easter is or isn't.  All I know is that I enjoy Easter and for me I get to spend time with my family and decorate eggs with my boys. I love to decorate for every occasion that I can, I am super excited that I can do that again this year. ( have you seen my "self improvement" vlog on youtube? click them links down below). 

    So on Pinterest check out my board on home decor ideas and other super fun things Easter Related. 

    Being a mom I like to make sure that I can move around in what I wear. So this year I chose a cute dress romper. I usually go for the whole pastel bright colors vibe but I really liked this particular black dress. I put together a few looks, so on Easter check out Insta to see what I went with. 

    Long maxi dresses are good to wear, especially at family functions because if your anything like my family then all we do is BBQ. (Santa Maria Style that is) You have lots of room and it flows in the wind really pretty. I wore this for my last baby shower. For me I invest in things that I can buy and wear multiple ways for multiple occasions. This dress is from Forever 21. To stay a little casual I would throw on a pair of nude slides.These are from LuLus. 


    This sleek form fitting dress is my all time favorite dress. It's perfect for spring and you can even pair it with a white cardigan and wear it to church. My favorite part about this dress is it has pockets! Dresses with pockets are life. I would pair this particular dress with some super cute white wedges with a wooden bottom. These particular ones are from Nordstrom. 

This next outfit is more of a simple look that you can either throw on a pair of heels or throw on some sandals and get out the door. The onesie is from JcPenney and the skirt is from Charlotte Russe. 

    Ok So this dress is from Kohls, I picked this one up this week because I felt like adding something new to my wardrobe. It is a dress romper and the floral print isn't too "eastery". I would pair it with my go to Bamboo Sandals or to dress it up more even these black strappys from Steve Madden.Don't forget to DM me your easter outfits and styling questions. 

Enjoy your easter babes. 



"Be Stylish, Be Kind, Be Generous, Be You"




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