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DIY Industrial Clothing Rack

Hey Babes so this is the finished product of my DIY industrial clothing rack. You can use this for your business, or even at home to display your cutest outfits and put some outfit inpos together. There are many benefits to have a little extra closet space. 

The first thing we did ( I say we because my Fiance did most of the work), was figure out the size of board you want. We went to our local Lowes and picked up this slate. You can find all kinds of different sizes there and they can even cut it for you to your liking. 



Next you need to buy a Pre-Stain and the paint. If you dont have a old brush at home then you will also need a painters bristle brush. We got the two most smallest cans and we can probably use them again for one more rack. 

After your home make sure you sand it to make it feel smooth. We did both sides and along the edges and corners.Dust it off with something soft like a cloth and get all the extra wood off. 

Next is the Pre-Stain. I poured some into a foam cup and you have to lightly dip your brush in it and shake off the excess.I would give it about ten minutes to  dry then do the other side and give that ten minutes. After you can start with one side and paint on the paint, but the big thing is to make sure you do it all in one day, because you can leave the pre-stain on because it will mess up the wood. 


We did 3 coats on each side. and made sure it was fully dry for about 2 days. 

After my FIance drilled the holes in it for the base part where the poles would come out of and then 4 more on each side where the wheels would go. ( Next time I would get a thicker piece of wood)

After you insert the wheels (any to your liking, I chose smaller ones but it looks good with the bigger industrial looking ones too)

Then you can put it all together.

At the top of mine I chose to have a little bar like this hanging out, so when I take outfit pictures I can hang a bag there or hats or jewelry, it can even hold for extra hangers.

Its super easy, Hopefully I can invest in a camera by the next time I build my next rack that way I can upload a youtube video for you guys. Because if you like me I am a visual learner I like to watch people do it before I attempt it. 

-3/4 X 3 nippled(2 of them)

-3/4 90 degree elbow (4 of them)

-3/4 cap (2 of them)

-3/4 tee(2 of them)

-2 of the bases that screw into the bottom

-4 wheels 

-3/4 bar for the top and 2 longer 3/4 bars for the side 

(so you should have 3 bars in total) if you have any questions do not hesitate to email me!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and be sure to share with me your DIY. 


"Be Stylish, Be Kind, Be Generous, Be You" 

XO Beyachees XO

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