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Hello my beautiful souls.

So this is my last weekend off before I start school back up again. I have 3 more classes to take and hopefully if I pass them I can graduate in May. Degree in Business Management. PSA: NO you do not need a degree to run a business or to succeed in life. However, for me it has always been apart of MY life plan to make sure I graduate from college from something I enjoy. I can do another vlog or blog on that one later on in the future. 


OK, so we have some exciting news as you all know for me branding my business and making sure that I can get my name out there is important for me. I want you all to know Beyachees and love what I love and grow with me. I am hoping to finish up choosing some of my first pieces by the end of this month and open up shop the end of this month or the beginning of September. 


For my first item I will have stickers! the BE stickers.I came about with this little saying on the way to the aquarium in Avila beach on a bus full of kids with my son Anthony's 2nd grade class. As I sat there looking around and I seen all of these beautiful little souls so full of life I thought what it was I wish someone older than me would have told me when I was little. 

*Be Stylish*

Finding the right clothes that make you feel confident is essential. Whether you are or young being a women, sometimes you need those certain clothing items that you just know you can always wear and always feel fabulous in them. Style is not what is "IN" or what is "popular" but style is finding what you love and wearing it however your big heart desires and rocking the shit out of it. 

*Be Kind*

Kindness doesn't cost a damn thing. In a world full of mean people and rude people and people that like to say cruel things. Be better, and be kinder. Hold the door open for people, say thank you and please, pick up after yourself when you go out to eat at a restaurant, compliment someone everyday. Show others and teach our younger generations that being kind is a GOOD THING. We need to stop the bullying that our young kids are going through and that our adult peers are doing to each other. Spread kindness everywhere you go and teach your kids and others how to be more kind. 


*Be Generous*

Generosity is the best form of a silent blessing. There are so many of us going through struggles that we all probably think are bad or a burden or a horrible thing to go through. However, things are not as always as bad as you might think. We all go through bumps in the road and life will always throw us curve balls. No matter what you are going through remember that you are strong and you will get through it. That is why I think it is important to give, because there will always be someone going through something harder than you. Whether its a helping hand, paying for their coffee, putting money in their parking meter, buying their groceries, putting an extra 10 dollars to the person putting gas in front of you paying. Buying a icecream for the kid at the store, offering to clean your elder neighbors house, spending genuine time with each other. Give, because you never know when you will be praying that you wishes someone did something for you. 

*Be You*

There is no one out there better than who god made you to be and that is simply YOU. YOU are important, YOU are needed, YOU are Beautiful, YOU are everything that god put you on this planet for. Never change for someone, never try to be something you are not and be the best version of yourself. There will be days that you will have bad days, there will be days where you feel like your not worthy or smart or beautiful. But My hope is that the start of this little thing, the baby sticker of mine will remind me that you are worth it. You are stylish, kind, and generous. So stick it where your beautiful soul desires and use it as a reminder of all that you can be and will be and are. 



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