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5 Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Starting A Business

Hello, hello, hellooo..So today let's talk about business. There are people in this world that are meant to work a scheduled job and by that meaning they are OK with working from 9-5 or getting scheduled to work a morning shift or evening shift or overnight shift. Then there are people that dont like to be told what to do and like to work at their own time and are able to work independently. When starting any kind of business, there are a few key things you should ask yourself before heading down that road.

Am I Independent? 

Independent is one key word that we all should remember before starting a business. That meaning for the most part when you want to start a business you have to be able to work alone and know mentally what you are getting yourself into. Owning a business comes with a lot of different factors and there are only a handful of people that are actually good business owners.  You have to be your own boss and you have to know how to prioritize what needs to be done in your life. You should know the difference between asking for help when you need it and always relying on someone to help you to do something. And this does not just go with business it goes with your personal life too. You have to know how to keep your personal life and business life separate. People often let these lines get crossed and blurry when things get to comfortable. If you want to be a boss then you need to partake in boss things, sometimes that requires being more stern then you usually are. You are running a business and you can't let people walk over you or take advantage of you because they are friends or family. Know your self worth, know your business, and know when to tell people no.  

Am I Self Aware and Socially Aware? 

Being self aware is knowing who you are as a person and in some sense all around physically,mentally, and emotionally. A lot of people forget that if you are not connected with yourself then in the long run your business will not succeed at least that is my opinion. You have to be able to know what gets you upset and do not let it affect your business. You have to know what fills up your heart and and bring that out. You can not let the things that people do or say effect you or get you worked up you have to be able to handle the things that people say and essentially have tougher skin. Knowing the various religions and beliefs that are among us in our world is also essential to remember. Many businesses lack this factor. You, not only in business, but in your personal life need to be aware of our big mixing pot of beliefs and religions and be able to respect them all. Get to know your customers and conversate with them. You need to build that relationship with them and keep your customers content. 

How can I stand Out and Be Different

Being different is GOOD! There are millions of Restaurants, Clothing Stores, Parks, Movie Theaters, Tire Shops, Mechanics, Ice Cream Stores, and even Bloggers. What is it that you can do to be different from the millions of business in this world? You really have to think about  this one so make a list. If you want to own a restaurant how can you bring customers in? Is your area lacking something that you wish they had? Here in our town I would say somewhere with outdoor seating and heaters so we can enjoy being outside. If your like me and want to own a clothing store, then what items can you bring in that other people will love? You have to think about your town and the people around you and see what there needs to be more of. If you want to buy a land and open a park then what would you want to put at your park to attract people to go there. Maybe more seating and better playgrounds for kids? Have everything close together? Here in Santa Maria, we love to BBQ but everything is very much spread out. So basketball is here, BBQ pits are there, Horseshoe rings are on the other side. If we had a park here where everything was together and easier to watch our kids from or easier to go to stay close to your pits then that would be fun. On your list see what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are. What are some cool things you would want to see and see if it's only you that wants to see that or if your community would really enjoy it. Even if its something little, it's the details that people notice when they work with your business and walk into it. For clothing stores try buying nice hangers and invest in a good camera to take quality photos with. 


How am I going To Get the Money For My Business?


There are many people that believe that if you really want your business you just go for it and start it. However, I am a FIRM believer in that is the worst way you can go.Especially if you are not a person that comes from money or do not have any knowledge about business. I do not believe in taking out loans unless you are set in your life. That meaning you have a steady income and have a roof over your head and have your life figured out for the most part. You have to be able to have some cash flow and support so if things do go south you have either your family to support you when your out of work or a spouse or someone. There are people that take out loans and put everything on credit cards and just go for it. However, if worst comes to worse and nobody wants to hire you then how are you going to pay for those? I feel like if you are going to want to start a big business like be the next NEW Mac cosmetics or something like that then you should get your ducks in a row. Figure out how you are going to get your foot in the door and see what people you know. People don't believe that you have to know people to get into a bigger industry(regardless of what it is)but you do have to know people. You either need to make a name for yourself and be known or know people to help introduce you to the higher connections. If your like me and want to start a smaller business then once you keep following along to these blogs you will see how to grow your audience. 



Am I Entrepreneur?

Some people want to be business owners and love the idea of having this and that and being your own boss. With every business owner I have talked to they all tell me the same thing and that is that it's not easy and it's far from fun until you get it going. There will be a lot of late nights early mornings and sometimes not even sleeping. If you have kids, you HAVE to have that support system behind you. For me, I enjoy taking my kids to school every morning and picking them up and going on field trips with them. I would not miss any of that for the world. I also love that I am blessed enough to have a fiance that is supportive and there for our boys if I need a few extra hours to do some work. There will be times when you can not be there for your kids like you want to, so you have to be prepared for that. You have to be prepared to know that you will lose relationships and people will not always be on your side even when you thought they would be. You have to decide if you are in the right moment to do it, and for me it took me 7 years to get the courage to actually start sharing what I wanted to do with my friends and family. The only person that knew I wanted to start my store was my fiance and my sisters. I felt like I wanted to first know that we were OK financially before I started it though. My boys are bigger now, they will both be in school by the end of the year so I will have more ME time. I fortunately have the privilege to not have to take them to a sitter and take care of them myself. But the most important thing to remember is that everyone in life has their own journey and way of life. There is no order to how life needs to be done.As long as you live your life with a good heart,courage, and a whole lot of faith then that's all you need to worry about. Really consider what it is that you want to do for a living and love what you do, if you love working at a restaurant then do it, if you really love selling sport items then sell away, if you really love creating amazing photos, or doing hair and makeup then do you boo.There will always be other people in the profession that you want to do, you can't just always want something . Nobody is going to hand you the job you want and nobody knows what you love more than you so that's all you need to worry about is you. Tomorrow may never come and time will pass, don't regret not living a life you wish you did.

"Be stylish, Be kind, Be generous, Be you"



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